Revealing the Dream Within the Wood
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  • September 20th- October 11th, 2015

    ・Tak’s Laulea Sashimono Jewry Box, will be on display at the Hawaii Wood Show hosted at the Honolulu museum of Art and sponsored by the Hawai‘i Forest Industry Association

    September 20th – November 1st

    ・Tak will be one of six furniture makers, participating in the 7th annual “My Chair” Exhibition located at the Yamanoue Gallery in Yokohama City. for further information please visit the galleries website at

    October 7th

    ・A delegation from The Smithsonian Institution, the world’s largest museum and research complex, will be visiting Tak, to learn about his Zen chair philosophy, design and woodworking technique. Tak will be giving a tour of his studio and also a slideshow presentation about his work.

    June 19-21, 2014,

    ・Tak Yoshino will be participating in the Furniture Society Conference in Port Townsend Washington, U.S.
    ・ Tak Yoshino will give a presentation about the” Unique Holistic custom made chair”.


    June 20,2014

    ・Tak Yoshino will give a demonstration about the effective method to make and use the Japanese small plane for an actual chair seating surface.

Master craftsman and furniture artist, Tak Yoshino heads the COM Furniture Design Studio.

Superbly handcrafted chairs and recliners by Tak Yoshino are imbued with classical Japanese heritage, yet distinguished by modern aesthetics. Each and every exclusive furniture piece from the COM Studio is a harmonious blend of sublime craftsmanship, exquisite woods and the time-honored Sashimono style joinery, handed down from generations.

Each piece speaks to the fastidious for whom unsurpassed comfort and leisure of the mind are an absolute must.

COM – Feel an Oasis of Pleasure

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