Unique Chair Concept

Unique Holistic Chair inspired by ZEN


In Japan we don’t have a long tradition of using chairs. But we do have a long history of sitting on the floor comfortably with a graceful posture. Most people think that for a Japanese to design a chair without having a long chair culture would be difficult.   I thought so too. But suddenly I realized that I could design a chair following our Zen tradition to support and heal while sitting.We have a technique of how to sit on the flour,instead of using chairs.This technique is called “Zen” was brought from India to China 1500 years ago, and developed as an important part of Buddhism. After that, 900 years ago, it was brought to Japan and has an original style. The ascetic practice that is the center of Zen Buddhism is completed in the technique of sitting called “Zazen”. To get a spiritual awakening, one must watch oneself deeply , and watch the cosmos.








It needs a long time in meditation. Sometimes it continues for several years. Naturally, no one can sit for such a long time without the proper technique. Sitting in this way raises our “Ki” energy. That’s the base for martial arts, traditional tea ceremony, “ikebana” etc. These are all at the root of Japanese culture, and are still practiced in our time.One of the effects of “Zazen “is a healing for our body. The ideal posture is one of perfect relaxation of the upper part and putting the body center in “Tanden” which is a position for the middle of the abdomen. It extends the circulation of “Ki” energy. Energy is related to metabolism. So, it means the improvement of self-healing power.The other effect is an improvement of the ability to concentrate the mind. Correct “Zazen” sitting guides us to an alpha wave. It ‘s the same wave as is produced in meditation and improves creative thinking.




My way of making chairs is based on this theory of “Zazen” sitting. To be concrete, I find an ideal angle of the pelvis, and keep the backbone curved. That means the head and shoulder sit on the pelvis correctly, and there is no need to use muscles to keep the upper part erect. This posture is a necessary condition for leading the “Ki” energy to “Tanden”. And from Chiropractic research I design for the chair back to press in a good position for the kidney. The chair designed by such theories makes your body feel comfortable, with the same effect as “Zazen”

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