Mt. Fuji and My Studio

   The CoM woodworking studio and shop, located beside Lake Kawaguchi, lies at the foot of Mt. Fuji, which became a World Heritage Site in 2013. Inspired by this beautiful environment deeply connecting his family, community and nature, Tak Yoshino creates his exceptional furniture, which emerges like a dream from a place of beauty, calm and healing.

 My workshop was named “CoM” 木夢(co+mu) by myself.”Co” mean“ wood”. “M” mean “dream” in Japanese Kanji characters.“CoM” has five means:

      1.   the customer’s life becomes deeply serene

      2. the woodworker does a complete job

      3. good communication between customer and woodworker

      4. the tree comes to realize it’s dream

      5. the wood worker communicates his dream through the wood

These pieces are beautiful works of art which brighten the customer’s life by continuing the conversation with the wood.

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